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Monthly Meetings

The UCVC meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL (sometimes on 2nd Wednesday in December) starting at 20:00.

21 February  - A Talk By: Paul Crisp - Authors and Their Cars

One of the authors, who liked cars was Ian Flemming, 1908-1964 (the James Bond author)

In 1959 he was driving a black 1955 Ford Thunderbird, he had written Casino Royal, and then sold the film rights. With these proceeds he purchased a new (1959) Thunderbird. He did make an enquiry about the 220E Mercedes, but as he wanted a convertible he went back to the Thunderbird.

In 1962 he bought an Aleca Coupe, finally next year he got a Supercharged Studebaker Avanti. So you can see that at the end of his life he purchased some nice cars.

This brings me to the famous James Bond Aston Martin, in the books it was a DB3, but for the

1964 film Goldfinger the producer wanted to use the DB5, which had just been released three months before shooting the film.

As you know this car was heavily modified by the film people and the Aston people at their Engineering Development Department at Feltham, which was shut soon after.

It had revolving number plates, armour plate, sprayed oil on the road, twin Browning Machine Guns mounted in the wing and the ejector seat (which did not work)

In 1965 we went to a party in Staines. My soon to be sister in law worked for a garage whose boss owned a house on the Thames riverside, & she got us an invite.

At this party were some of the engineers from the Aston Martin development works. So I talked to them about the famous Bond car. They told me that after the filming had finished the car was returned to the company. It was used for collecting parts and “fish & chips” They said that they could press a button, & the side lights would swing away and the machine guns would poke out, they did not fire but it was good fun when they were at traffic lights etc. I think that this car was eventually stolen and disappeared.

21 March  - A Talk By: Mike Payne - The Western films.

18 April - A Talk By: Andrea Cameron - History of Hounslow.