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Last August, Fritha gave us a very good talk on Hughenden Manor during W2, As you might remember it was where the RAF produced maps of areas that they were going to bomb etc.

This time Fritha is talking about Benjamin Disraeli's connection with the manor.   

Benjamin was born in 1804 when he was 13 his father (Isaac) who was a Jew, had his family Baptized as Christians; Jews were excluded from parliament until 1858.

In 1837 (the year that Queen Victoria came to the throne) Benjamin was elected as the Tory candidate for Maidstone.

Ten years later Isaac bought Hughenden, but he died the following year. Benjamin inherited it.

Then he served under the Prime Minister Lord Derby, and later became Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Becoming the PM in 1868.  (Invited by Queen Victoria), they soon struck up a remarkable friendship, thanks to his charm and skillful flattery. Disraeli was the only commoner permitted to sit while in a private audience with the queen.

In 1877 Queen Victoria visited Disraeli at Hughenden but his wife Mary Anne had already died some five years earlier. Two years later he became the Earl of Beaconsfield, dying in 1881 of bronchitis.

The TV program Victoria showed how well the two got on.

Disraeli was famous for his quotations my favorite is “ there are 3 kinds of lies, LIES, DAMN LIES & STATISTICS”

 Hughenden was remodeled by Edward Lamb in a Jacobean style, but this was not to everyone's taste. It had very little electrical lighting as a former resident believed it was a “passing fad”

It is now under the National Trust with over 400 volunteers to help look after it

The UCVC meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at the 'Thorney Park Golf Club', Thorney Mill Lane, Iver, Bucks. SL0 9AL (sometimes on 2nd Wednesday in December) starting at 20:00.

19 September - Talk by: John Hensley - Scams.

15 August - Talk by: Fritha Irwin - Disraeli at Hughenden Manor.