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Reports - From The Chair

Shirley Keen is giving up her role as Club Treasurer so we need to find someone to take over from her as soon as possible. If you feel this is something you may be able to do please contact me (details on back page). The accounts are done on an excel spreadsheet, so some computer skills are necessary. Shirley will give full support to the new treasurer.

Richard Pollard is unable to continue as our club auditor due to his work commitments.  I would like to thank him for all his work over the many years he has audited our accounts.

Does anyone have a friend or acquaintance with financial experience that would be able to audit the club accounts?

Hazel Webb had a lovely send off. Her family organised a 1933 Austin hearse. It started out originally as a truck and was converted in 1937 using a horse drawn hearse body. In chatting to the driver he told me they have three other classic funeral vehicles all of which have regular work.

We now have got a sample of both men’s and women’s polo shirts in turquoise and we propose to produce sweatshirts in maroon. Final decision on pricing and all other regalia will be decided at our next committee meeting in March.