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Reports - From The Chair


Further to my U C V C Going Forward article in February magazine, below are the responses I have received so far:

Hello Chris, Sorry for the delay in letting you know our thoughts about the magazine. We both read the magazine, especially Geoff, who reads it from cover to cover, which we would not do if it came by email to my iPad. So, for us we would be happy to have it bi-monthly and also pay a higher subscription to have it by post.

Hi Chris and Mary,

Regarding your proposed options to control the magazine costs I comment as follows: -

In agreement with Option 1

Option 2. I would suggest that the magazine is sent out, March, May, July, September and Christmas.

Option 3. Agreed.

Option 4. I don’t agree with staying as we are and also against any increase in future cost but would like to go ahead with the above options. Best regards, Keith.

Hi Chris,

Your piece in Driving Seat reads well and spells out the issues clearly. I thought the discussion last week was a good start and hopefully focused those minds present.

I believe that now is to time to act both in terms of saving spending money and also letting members see the quality of the pictures in colour. My personal choice is your option, one which many other organisations have done. The Watford Club have gone down that route. In the short term there will be the odd whinge and there will be one or two members who can’t access a device to read a digital copy. But both of these will fairly quickly disappear!

Many thanks for your hard work.  Gerry