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Reports - From The Chair



To date we have only received back just over half of the letters which were sent out attached to April’s Driving Seat. If you have not completed your Data Protection letter about the information the club holds on you by correcting any errors, signing it and returning it back to me please do this as a matter of urgency as the legal implications are horrendous and could result in a massive fine.

The Government deadline is 25th May 2018. Please understand that if you do not wish to comply we will probably have to terminate your membership, which would be a very sad situation as we do not wish to lose any of our members.


Shirley Keen is giving up her role as Club Treasurer so we need to find someone to take over from her as soon as possible. If you feel this is something you may be able to do please contact me (details on back page). The accounts are done on an excel spreadsheet, so some computer skills are necessary. Shirley will give full support to the new treasurer.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank John Hensley for standing in at very short notice by giving a talk on his duties as Mayor, as Andrea Cameron was unable to make the evening due to illness.  The feedback I have received from those who attended, as Mary and I were not there ourselves, was very positive. I look forward to hearing John’s official talk later in the year.


Mary and I had a great holiday doing the Tulips and Windmills river cruise and on the last day we stopped at the Keukenhof Gardens not far from Amsterdam. In one of the Pavilions were a couple of classic cars and I couldn’t resist taking photos of them.